President's Welcome

Welcome all! :) My name is Marc Owen Jones, and I am doing my PhD on political Repression in Bahrain. I've also been in Durham for longer than you can shake a stick at. Hobbies include drinking tea, irreverence and misusing common idioms, such as 'shake a stick at'. Other hobbies include Ustinov. It's a wonderful place see. I find the friendly, diverse and engaging community unique, and I am sure this year will be one that will etch itself into your memories, so long as we both shall live. At least I hope so. Make sure to make the most of it, and please swing by the office for a chinwag. My other habitat includes the cafe, so do pop in and say hello! Really can't wait to meet you all!

Marc Owen Jones, 2014-15 Ustinov GCR president

Welcome to the Ustinov College Graduate Common Room (GCR) website. The GCR is the student body of our college and everyone can be a member. Its activities are organised by elected and appointed officers from the student body but it relies heavily on the participation of everyone. It organises entertainment, funds sports clubs and societies and represents students' views to the College and University.

This website is the core repository of information for the GCR, here you can find information about the GCR Committee, advice about Welfare, browse the DVD Library and so much more. You can even find out about our Clubs & Societies, including information about starting your own society. If you're not sure where to find what you're looking for, why not have a look under Frequently Asked Questions?

New Students

If you're a new student at Ustinov, or are thinking about joining Ustinov College when you come to Durham University, then check out the President's Welcome and the new welcome video.

Get Involved

The quality of life at Ustinov relies heavily upon student participation and involvement.So why not get involved: look out for coming elections where you could run for a vacant committee position or join a society/club or just keep updated and come along to the GCR events and activities. Whether you run for a GCR position, join a sports team, or frequent the bar and coffee shop, you're contributing to the Ustinov experience!